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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Saturday First Walk - Henley to Marlow

Henley to Marlow via Hambleden

Length 10 miles, 3 out of 10

The first part of the walk is from Henley via Hambleden Circular here, and the second part from the Marlow circular here. You are advised to use the download instructions, especially for pre 2011 editions of the book. The Marlow Circular has the overall instructions, but essentially Henley to get you to the Stag & Huntsman, and Marlow after that.

Travel Get the 09:41 from Paddington (0949 Ealing Broadway) Oxford Train. Change at Twyford (arr 1039) for the Henley train 10:50 arriving 11.02. There is an 0957 train via Reading, which involves getting a train back to Twyford from Reading but it has a higher fare. Buy a return to Henley which should be OK from Marlow, though you may have to buy a single from Marlow to Maidenhead.
Return trains from Marlow are xx:06 changing at Maidenhead.

Lunch The Stag & Huntsman in Hambleden (food until 2.30pm)

Tea As well as the places in the instructions, there is a pub right by the station - The Marlow Donkey - which also does food.



David Colver said...

Henley finds much favour with our valiant walk posters.

Unknown said...

I would like you explain me how work this group, how many people usually go,...

Walker said...

All is explained here

How many people usually go? It varies. 5 to15 is a good bet, but it can be less or more. None of us ever know till we turn up. Good weather helps numbers, of course, but I can't count the number of times I have set out on a day of wind and rain and thought "I will be the only one on this walk" only to find a dozen people waiting on the platform.

PeteG said...

Apparently only two people did this walk. n=2