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Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year's Day Walk - A Gentle Walk on the Greensand Ridge

Sevenoaks Circular

Length: 15.4km (9.6 miles)
Toughness: 4 out of 10 t=swc.21 L=swc.21

10.07 Ramsgate train from London Victoria, arriving 10.45
10.07 Hastings train from Blackfriars, arriving at Sevenoaks at 10.49.

For walk directions, maps, gps files etc... click on the SWC walk 21 webpage.

This is an easy, pleasant walk a short train journey south of London. For many walkers it will need no introduction. It offers a nice mix of woodland and fields, fine views in the afternoon, and two National Trust properties.

As pubs are usually extremely busy on New year's Day, the self-service restaurant at Ightham Mote is the recommended lunch stop - it is open today but expect a queue - and there is also picnic area outside. Otherwise, the Padwell Arms pub is nearby. However, you'd need to ring them ahead of New Year's Day and see if you can book a table, if you want to eat at the pub.

For tea, Knole House has a kiosk (and a very small tea shop inside the main entrance) but the recommendation today is to continue into Sevenoaks, which has various tea/coffee shops and pubs to choose from.

Trains back from Sevenoaks station are very frequent with several services an hour.


Anonymous said...

Great choice for southerners!

Anonymous said...

n=20-or-so walkers, some of whom diverted from the Henley walk due to trains being cancelled at Paddington. Thanks to Sean and Richard for bringing the bottles of champagne which were enjoyed in Knowle Park and to those who brought the snacks to go with them. There were nice views, no shortage of mud and the weather was w=dry-and-still (minor drizzle at one point for a short time). Being New Year's Day, there were the inevitable queues for food at Ightam Mote but plenty of free tables outside for those that ate there.

Anonymous said...

Apologies, that should have read thanks to Sean and Richard and Oona for bringing the bottles of champagne