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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Whyteleafe to Hayes

Length: 16km / 10 miles (Shortcut 12km / 7 miles)
Toughness: 4/10

Transport: Take either the 9:15 from London Bridge arriving in Whyteleafe at 9:50 or the 9:23 from London Victoria arriving in Upper Warlingham at 9:53. The Warlinghamers should wait for the Whyteleafers to meet at Whyteleafe station and start the walk together from there.
If you prefer to have a shorter walking morning and start later, take the 10:07 from London Victoria changing in East Croydon to the Tram to New Addington and start the walk from there. The Tram is paid for as you would pay for buses, i.e. free with a Travelcard and £1.45 with Oyster pay-as-you go (only touch in, not out !). £2.40 for a paper ticket. Those who take the shortcut should arrive at about the same time as the full-length walkers at the lunch pub the White Bear. Speaking of which, the White Bear is a really cosy 16th century pub and sometimes it is difficult to leave if you can snap a spot at the fireplace. Not that I would recommend it (the afternoon walk is nice, too) but you can call a taxi back to New Addington from the pub ....

Return from Hayes are at xx:08, xx:20, xx:38 and xx:50. There are also buses. Hayes is in Zone 5.

For those who wish to see a Guy Fawkes fireworks display after the walk Blackheath (free, starting 8pm) would be a good option since the return trains at xx:20 and xx:50 stop in Lewisham from where you can walk to Blackheath Common.

From the walk notes:

Despite its proximity to London, this walk is surprisingly rural in character, passing through fields, woods and quiet valleys, often along shady bridleways. The second half of the walk is entirely within a London borough, though it does not feel like it. Although there are few noteworthy features, the gently rolling countryside provides some fine vistas, and the lunchtime pub is a real gem.


Chris L said...

Meeting at Whyteleafe station would require those arriving at Upper Warlingham to head off in the opposite direction to the normal route. Better for the two groups to meet at the entrance to Whyteleafe Recreation Ground where the routes from both stations converge.

DGA said...

Always a good option for those short autumnal days - especially for us South Londoners but don't let the proximity to London lull you into a false sense of security! ''There will be mud!'' as Daniel Day Lewis might have said in one of his films. May well do this.

denise said...

I intend going. This will be my first walk.

DGA said...

n=7 w=wet-windy-muddy. Horses galore. Lovely creatures but by the cringe they really churn up the bridleways! 4 started (3 at Warl, 1 at Whyteleafe); 3 joined at various intervals at lunch. Food & drink & service at White Bear was exceptional. 2 of us had tea at Hayes Java&Chai Tea room. Excellent in all respects; please go!x See photos!