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Sunday, 8 November 2015

The beautiful Surrey Hills

Download walk 57a - Guildford circular –short cut via Chilworth

Length 17.3km (10.3m); toughness 4/10. – two climbs near the start; otherwise gentle gradients.

Trains: London Waterloo 09.30 (Clapham Junction 09.39) Guildford 10.24. Fast return trains from Guildford at xx:05 and xx:35. Also two other slower, stopping  trains each hour.

This lovely walk explores hilly scenery in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Your lunch pub is the Percy Arms in Chilworth ( 01483 561 765).  Plenty of refreshment options in Guildford. In the station concourse there is a Costa Coffee

There are options to extend and shorten the walk as required. Full details about the walk(s) and directions can be found here


PeteB said...

n=14 weather w= mild-and-cloudy-with-fleeting-drizzle. Lovely walk with the group splitting into little sub-groups; 3 doing the short-cut without visiting the Percy Arms; 3 doing the long walk to go to a more favoured pub (the Percy Arms deemed to be less than friendly) with the intention of picking up the rail replacement bus service at Chilworth and the rest of us who had an atmospheric picnic lunch at "the church on the hill" listening to the Rememberance hymns filtering through the church walls.

When we reached the Percy Arms none of us felt we really wanted a drink there - its the sort of place where someone greets you at the door to show you to your pre-booked table and there was standing room only at the bar. We pressed on to Guildford using the Downs link route(must walk all of this in the summer if possible) where 4 of us found the lovely deli on the hill just off Guildfords main drag where welcome tea and cakes were consumed. Then a slow 4pm train back to London ending a fine day out.

JohnL said...

The three who went on the the Drummond Arms in Albury were welcomed, given a better table than expected, with excellent beer and good food. Service was efficient and we found we had time to do the long option before dark so we walked the whole way and got back to Guildford in time for the 16:05.