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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Midweek day walk - Huntingdon Circular

Huntingdon Circular (shorter variant) 

An easy walk beside the Great Ouse river to the attractive village of Houghton and its restored water mill, returning through water meadows and a nature reserve.

Book 3* Walk 31

* online only

Length : 15 km or 9½ miles

Toughness :  2 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:22 am train from London Kings Cross to Huntingdon
Calling Station

  • Finsbury Park : departs 10:28 am

Meeting point : Huntingdon Station at 11:22 am

Tickets : Buy a cheap day return to Huntingdon

Brief Description

Steeped in history (Oliver Cromwell and Samuel Pepys were pupils in Huntingdon's old grammar school), this shorter version of the walk skips Houghton Meadows,
You may find full details of the walk  here  and Kindle folk may find a download here.

Suggested Lunch stops

Suggested Tea stops

Houghton Mill Tea Rooms t: 01480 301494
Houghton Tea Rooms  t: 01480 214838


OS Explorer : 225

Return train times

Trains return from Huntingdon to London Kings Cross at the following times ...
15:34 | 16:01 | 16:35 | 17:01 | 17:42


Anonymous said...

why did you change it AD ?

Anonymous said...

is ticket to Huntington very dear?

Mike A said...

Rail ticket price enquiry
The full price Day Return ticket is £26 50p. However if you have a railcard, you will get a substantial discount (about £18 if you have a Network Rail Card I think)
The National Rail website will give you full details of prices. There are also a plethora of other web sites (Qjump,Thetrainline and so forth where you might find a better deal).
One of our train aficionados may be able to suggest other ways to save on the fare.
I hope this is helpful,

Sean said...

AD is correct, the best you can do with a railcard is £17.50 from London, or about £13 from Zone 6 if you've got a Freedom Pass. Thameslink and Great Northern have some good value Super Off-Peak Day Returns (eg. £11.55 from London to Huntingdon), but these are only available on weekends and Bank Holidays.

Anonymous said...

hope to go on this but without Max as he has injured paw. M

Anonymous said...

are people still going on this ?...supposed to be a gale or something ..

Mike A said...

Weather for this walk
Apparently the gales will pass through quickly and will be over by the wee small hours of Wednesday morning.
So providing there's no trees, or other disruptions on the line, I'm intending to go.
I suggest folks check the National Rail web site in the morning before setting out just to be sure.
The Beeb says it'll be a dry and bright in the morning, but a little blustery from midday to 3:00pm with a band of heavy showers starting at about 2:00pm

Mike A said...

n=4 on this walk with the weather as advertised, w=bright_in_the_morning_becoming_blustery_with_half_an_hour_of_rain.
Not a walk I'll want to post regularly with road noise from the A14, but nevertheless Wyton, Houghton Mill and the water meadows along the Ouse were well worth the effort