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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Leigh to Sevenoaks

Length: 14.5km (9m)
Toughness: 5/10
Transport: Take the 9:18 from London Cannon Street changing at Tonbridge, arriving at Leigh at 10:23. There are frequent trains from Sevenoaks back to London T=1.21

From the walk description:

You need to start this lovely walk in good time as the bulk of it is before lunch. The route is through what Laurie Lee described as the 'rolling, tidal landscape' of Kent. The walk starts in the village of Leigh (pronounced 'Lie' from the Anglo-Saxon for 'forest clearing') with its many fine old buildings, goes through the churchyard and past the parkland of Hall Place, and carries on through a few too many potentially muddy fields and past many an oasthouse (the conically roofed buildings used for drying hops) to the church and pub in Underriver, the suggested lunchtime stop. After lunch, it is sharply uphill to then follow the Greensand Way into magnificent Knole Park, passing the front entrance of Knole and leaving the park on a footpath to arrive in the centre of Sevenoaks.


Anonymous said...

Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

It is the CHRISTMAS PARTY on Thursday - don't forget!! See listing below

Anonymous said...

London Bridge at 09.22 I think - please someone confirm or deny

Bridie said...

Just booked a table for 6 for lunch at 12.30

Anonymous said...

I'll be coming via East Croydon, arriving at 10.43 and will try to catch the group up.

Anonymous said...

W=blowy-and-dry About n=16 on this walk which featured death and difficult styles but little mud
The White Rock at Underriver served us well with 14 or so of us ordering a meal and though it wasn't very busy they were turning away people who hadn't booked, so well done the person who had booked a table for us.
We finished in Sevenoaks with some making a beeline for the train but the more stalwart making a beeline for tea and cake in a little café called Malabar
Body count for the day was 3 (road kill hedgehog and squirrel) and a partridge not quite dead in the woods after the shooters had brought it down. It is bloody dangerous out there if you are a wild animal though the deer that we saw during the day were noticeably chill – they didn't expect to be attacked and killed though nor for that matter I doubt if the three that we saw earlier expected such carnage

Anonymous said...

Plus a few more on a later train:n=3 regulars and a group of about n=10 friends doing the same walk independently.

Anonymous said...

This walk could be improved by cutting out some of the road walking in the morning. Looking at the OS map, a potential alternative route might be:

- Instead of turning right at point 15 carry on north after Lower Street Farm, along the footpath.

- Turn left on a minor road (Philpotts on right) and pick up the footpath on your right (heading north)

- The path crosses the railway. Turn left along the country lane and pick up the footpath again on your right. This eventually takes you across the A21 by a footbridge and to the pub.

Anonymous said...

re last comment, the pub in that case is the one in Cock Wood and you'd need to follow a map from there to Underriver or for directions see the note from Chris in the updates section for this walk.

David Colver said...

I want to express happiness with
- the pub, the White Rock at Underriver, which delivered food quality out of proportion to the price
- the early start and finish to this walk.

Anonymous said...

Historical duplicate/misleading attendance numbers cleanup project: n=19