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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Party

The Christmas Party will be in the upstairs room at The Ship Inn, 68 Borough Road, Southwark, SE1 1DX, the same venue as last year, from 6.30pm.

The pub is 200 metres south of Borough tube station: see here for details.

Some hot savoury nibbles will be provided, but you can also order full meals at the bar - plus drinks of your choice, of course.

Both new and longstanding walkers are equally welcome.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for organising this. I realise it must be difficult to get a reasonably priced pub at this time of the year, but The Ship was uncomfortably cramped last year. Rather off-putting, I'm afraid.

Walker said...

It is very difficult in the run-up to Christmas to find a pub with a large function room that will let us have it for nothing, without any commitment as to how many will turn up. Lucilla, who did the research, tried hard this year to find a bigger venue, but they all wanted pretty whopping deposits or food orders, bigger than we could do.

The Ship room is a tad on the small side, but not ludicrously so for the numbers who turn up, and they are happy to let us have the room without a deposit and without a fuss.

A few years back, you will recall, we tried a place in Victoria, which insisted we book a load of food, and then when not many walkers had turned up yet at 6.30pm and despite us insisting lots more were coming removed the "Private Party" sign at the bottom of the stairs so all sorts of people came up to sample our food who may or may not have been walkers.

So thank God for The Ship, who in past years have proved reliable and have not messed us around. And they have a nice food menu.

Walker said...

Oh, and PS: I am sure Lucilla would be delighted if someone wanted to volunteer to find a better venue next year.

Unknown said...

Sadly I am not going to make it. Because I have to go to work early the next day. But I hope it goes well.

Fi said...

Sorry not to be able to join as working that evening.

Anonymous said...

A BIG thank you to Walker and Lucilla for organising this party - much appreciated!

PeteG said...

Elephant & Castle is also quite close

Andrew said...

About n=30 people. Thanks to the organisers! 1 Xmas hat. Massive buffet. Hope you got home OK K (a drunk on the train).

Karen said...

@Andrew - thanks, got home without incident. Drunk realized when he was in ticket hall that he had gotten out at the wrong station.

Fun evening. Many thanks to those who organised. And thanks to the walk posters throughout the year. And a special mention for the comments functionality that confirms I am not a robot. Very reassuring.

Walker said...

I have to register a dissenting view about the numbers attending. I counted 40 at one point, and allowing for those that left early or arrived late, and people who might at that moment have been down at the bar, I would say n=50 at this event.

There was indeed a plenitude of food, helped by the fact that the pub gave us a load of food for free that had been left over from a previous event (hopefully a not too long ago event!). As a result almost no one ordered meals this year, but the pub manager seemed happy with his takings, so we must have made up for it by buying a lot of drink...