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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sunday Walk 2 Not exactly the Greensand Way

Dorking to Reigate SWC Walk 16
7.8m 12.5 km
Difficulty 3/10
Follow the route of the River Mole upriver through picturesque villages to the grounds of Reigate Priory. Sometimes you're on the Greensand Way, sometimes you're not.
There's a bit of a climb near the end, then down you go again.
Don't forget the clocks went back today We get an extra hour in bed this morning - the bad news is it gets dark an hour earlier.
Lunch The suggested pub is the Dolphin Inn in Betchworth  01737 842288 phoning advised
An earlier choice is the Royal Oak in Brockham, a later one, the Skimmington Castle on Reigate Heath
Tea Although recommended, the Vintage Tea Rooms close at 4 on Sundays.  Priory Park Cafe is open till 6.
Trains A return to Dorking stations covers.
Get the 10:02 Dorking train from Waterloo (Clapham Junction 10:11) arr Dorking Main 10:54
Rail works today mean your return journey will take a little longer than normal.
For London Bridge, take the 15:19 16:20 17:19 18:20 or 19:19 Redhill train from Reigate changing at Redhill. There is a 35 minute wait for the xx:01 onward connection. Overall journey time 1h.22.
The journey to Victoria is marginally quicker but involves a 20 minute bus replacement from Reigate to Gatwick Airport and a train from there. Buses leave for Gatwick at 15:26 16:30 17:26 and 18:30. Overall journey time 1h.16.
You can get to Waterloo by taking the 15:27 or 17:27 Reading train from Reigate to Dorking Deepdene, walking to Dorking Main and picking up a connection there, but this journey is longest, taking 1h.32 overall.
Anyone in a real hurry could fly by mosquito from Gnatwick airport.
(You can thank Kindle's predictive text for that "joke")
Walk Directions here

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JohnL said...

N=9, W=warm_and_sunny A pleasant stroll through the autumn colours on a surprisingly warm day for the end of October. The bonfire being prepared on Brockham Village Green for November 5th was already 20m high and bigger that a house with a human chain adding more and more. We were able to sit outside at the Dolphin which was fully booked for sunday lunch but there was room in the bar area for those who wanted to be indoors us as we arrived before 12:30. Some diverted off around Reigate Hill. The newish Priory park cafe was in full swing. If you ask, you can have your cake on a plate and tea in pot but this not the default option.