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Sunday, 11 October 2015

A lovely amble around Henley on Thames

Book 2 Walk 7 Henley  via  Hambleden circular

Trains: London Paddington 09.43 to Twyford 10.36 then from Twyford at 10.43 to Henley 10.55.

Distance 14.9km, (9.3m); toughness 3/10

Return trains from Henley at xx:07 to Twyford to pick up a connecting train to London Paddington

A beautiful and undemanding walk  that visits the picturesque flint stone village of Hambleden for lunch after which there are some fine views before you cross the Thames via a series of locks and head back towards Henley.

This Book 2 walk has been up-dated so you can find out more about the walk here and the various lunch and tea options. The pdf file here gives full walk instructions.


Nicola Jackson said...

Hi Pete,
I notice you are running 2 walks tomorrow. Will there be people at both? I'm training fo the 3 peak challenge and would prefer to do one with the most hills.

Which would you recommend?


PeteB said...


Sorry I have not replied to your message but I did not pick it up until this morning. If you wish to do a hilly walk as part of your training programme then check out the toughness rating of each walk; anything with a 6/10 or more will have some hills.

JohnE said...

n=20 w=mostly_sunny_dry_mild
Very pleasant undemanding walk in lovely conditions. The Stag and Huntsman at Hambleden provided lunch for about half of the party, who were I think satisfied with it, though service was a little slow. After an amble back to Henley in the afternoon, where we arrived at about 3.30, the party split, taking tea in various places, viewing the town or just heading home. A most enjoyable day out.