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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday Walk 1 – the South Downs

Extra Walk 39 – Amberley to Pulborough
Length: About 19.5 km (12 miles). Toughness: 6/10

10:02 Bognor Regis train from Victoria (Clapham Jct 10:08, East Croydon 10:17), arriving Amberley at 11:25. Buy a day return to Amberley.

[If you just miss this train, the 10:06 Brighton train overtakes it and you'd have a good chance of catching it at Gatwick Airport.]

Trains back from Pulborough are hourly at 26 minutes past.

Unlike most of our other Amberley & Pulborough walks, this rather neglected one explores the area to the west of the River Arun. A relatively strenuous morning up and along the South Downs Way contrasts with an easier route along shady woodland paths in the afternoon. If you want a pub lunch you'll need to call ahead and book a table at the up-market White Horse in the small village of Sutton; you won't arrive before 1.30pm and there's no alternative place nearby. There aren't any regular tea places near Pulborough station (although you might be able to get a drink at the taxi office), but a little earlier the White Hart is a nice place to stop for refreshment, next to the medieval Stopham Bridge.

You'll need to print the directions from this pdf document.


Anonymous said...

Look out for cyclists hurtling downhill on the South Downs Way in the first part of this walk, which is an otherwise an excellent and scenic climb with fine views

Anonymous said...

anyone doing this ? hope to go if weather ok

Anonymous said...

Considering doing this, as long as the weather is ok

PeteB said...

n=4 warm-and-sunny. Surprisingly low turnout for this outing which feels like two separate walks: typical South Downs chalk track ascents in the morning and then sandy soils through woodland after lunch. Only one person had lunch at the virtually empty White Horse and their chicken piri piri and chips does not inspire confidence that they will be pulling in more customers based on their menu. After lunch a bit of tricky navigation through woodland saw us reach the lovely White Hart at 4pm where although we were tempted to have tea the lure óf the 4.26 train proved too strong so we route marched the remaining distance to the station which we reached with 3 mins to spare . I'd allow 40 mins for a more relaxed walk. A fine day out with the Downs looking superb in the early autumn light.

Anonymous said...

jfk did her own walk Walk 22 on this date . it was as beautiful as ever except for the fact that the Angmering Estate Management had seen fit to turn the very beautiful wildflower downhill path into a gallops for horses .
A meal was later taken at the excellent Bridge Inn at Amberley.