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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sunday walk 1 Kent's Downs

Eynsford Circular SWC walk 59
12.5 miles 19.5km Difficulty 5/10 
8.7 mile 14 km Difficulty 4/10 
A walk in the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty returning along the Darent Valley. 
The standard version of this walk (M) is 12.5 miles with lunch in Otford. There's also a shorter 8.7 mile version (c) that skips Otford and heads to Shoreham for lunch.
Attractions en route include Castle Farm's Hop Shop which sells hoppy and lavendery stuff – good ice cream too, so people say. Lullingstone Roman Villa (definitely worth a visit and open till 6 in summer, cost £6:60), Eagle Heights Bird of Prey Centre open to 5, cost £8.95. If you're lucky, you may see the occasional bird flying over the walk. A detour nearer the end will take you to the ruins of Eynsford Castle.
Train  09:36 Canterbury West train from Victoria (Bromley South, 9:53) arriving Eynsford 10:09
Return from Eynsford at xx:48.  If you decide to finish at Shoreham, trains return at xx:45
Long walk:  Reports suggest the Crown in Otford has closed. There are still two pubs nearby The Woodman  01529 522 195 and The Bull, 01529 523 198. We've not used either recently so feedback would be appreciated.
Short walk: Ye Olde George Inn 01959 522017 in Shoreham is on the walk route. You also have the Kings Arms 01959 523100 and The Crown  01959 522903 round the corner on the High Street
Lullingstone Park Visitor Centre has a café 01322 865995 open till 5.
In Eynsford ,you have the Riverside tea room 01322 861551, the Malt Shovel 01322 862164, the Five Bells 01322 863135 and the Castle Hotel 01322 863162. 
Directions available here  


Barbara Dobos said...

I can't make it so early, but definitely going to do it two hours later, arriving Eynsford at 12:09. If anyone interested and would like to join me.

Sofia said...

I'm a first timer, could you just confirm where we're supposed to meet? Is it at the station?

Anonymous said...

I am also interested in doing this walk later but not definite as stomach is upset todayjfk
Can you bring instructions B arbara Thanks
This computer is up the spout

Red Rambler said...

Hello Sofia, yes people meet at the station on the platform,
I hope to walk tomorrow,

Barbara Dobos said...

Sorry for the late reply,

yes, the train from Victoria at 11:36 arriving Eynsford at 12:09

Looking forward to meet you at the platform.

Sofia said...

Thanks Maggie!
I'm intending to go at 10:09, hope some else too?
See you tomorrow!

Sean said...

SWC Inspector's Report 2015/09/27/3/59/Eynsford Circular. N=9 walkers. W=Sunny.

Yet again this inspector failed to rendezvous with a punishingly early train. Instead he plotted a cunning route from a different starting point, aiming to intercept the group shortly before Otford. This worked perfectly and contact was duly made with eight walkers (including a few newcomers), who reported that a ninth had sped on ahead. There were also rumours of a small group two hours behind, but no sightings.

As the Crown was reported to be closed we tried the Bull for lunch. At this Chef & Brewer inn food comes off a suspiciously fast production line; after ordering at the bar some walkers found their order defrosted, cooked and assembled almost before they'd returned to the table. Quality nothing special, but acceptable. On our way out of the village we then discovered that a new tenant had just taken over at the Crown, but its kitchen won't be up and running for at least a month. Until then, the Woodman might be worth a try.

In the afternoon the inspector honoured the group with his presence as far as Shoreham, decided his job was done and left them to it.