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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Walk 3-173a: Cuxton to Snodland

Length: 19.5km (12.1 miles), Toughness: 6/10

Features: Cobham Park, Luddesdown

Trains: 9:39 from Charing Cross changing at Strood (arr. 10:49, dep. 11:04) to Cuxton arriving at 11:08. Buy a day return to Snodland. Alternatively, 10:22 from St. Pancras changing at Strood (arr. 10:57, dep. 11:04). Return trains from Snodland are at xx:22, xx:52. Change at Strood for Charing Cross or St. Pancras.

Options: Walk length can be reduced by 1.5km by finishing at Halling; or reduced by 2km by finishing at Cuxton.

Lunch: The suggested lunch stop is The Leather Bottle (01474 814 327) in Cobham about 7.5km into the walk - it has a pleasant garden. There are two other pubs in Cobham.

Tea: There are a couple of pubs in Snodland.

Directions: For more information including directions, maps, GPS etc. see SWC.173

1 comment:

Thomas G said...

n=7 w=sunny
6 off the scheduled train, 2 of which announced immediately that they were slow walkers, which inevitably lead to them forming a separate group after a while. the rest where joined at lunch by the walk poster, who had missed the scheduled train. nice walk on a splendid day with a healthy mixture of woods, fields, far views, valleys and nice churches (we visited them all, and got a guided tour and bell-ringing demo in one of them in return). The only downside was the end of the walk: a bit tarmacky anyway, and then the ending in Snodland didn't really work: the route along the Medway is blocked due to the works for building a new river crossing, necessitating quite a bit of A-road side walking. That ending probably best avoided until the bridge is finished. Minor quibbles though. 17.15 train.