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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Third walk

Lewes to Eastbourne
Length: 36.5 km (22.7 miles). Toughness: 8/10

Catch the 8:46 from London Victoria arrives Lewes 9:50. (Starting at Glynde, change at Lewes for 10:09 train, arrives Glynde 10:14). Buy a day return to Eastbourne. With the days slowly starting to draw in - a chance to fit in a longer South Downs walk with lunch at Alfriston after 16km. The main walk makes use of CW2 Walk 25 pages 2 - 3, CW1 walk 31,CW2 walk 28 pages 3 - 5.

There are various shorter options detailed below
Walk Directions required Distance km
Glynde to Seaford CW1 walk 31 23
Lewes to Seaford CW2 Walk 25 pages 2 - 3 + CW1 walk 31 28
Glynde to Eastbourne CW1 walk 31 + CW2 walk 28 pages 3 - 5 31.5

Route Distance km
Lewes to Glynde 5
Glynde to Alfriston 11
Alfriston to Exceat 4.5
Exceat to Eastbourne 16

Frequent return trains from Eastbourne. Return trains from Seaford: xx:25, xx:58, 20:28, 20:58, 21:28, 22:20.


Sean said...

Good to see a fairly long walk on offer, and only 8/10 too. Is there a 10/10 walk in the wings?

Seriously, this looks like two 8/10 walks back-to-back. Isn't it about time we dropped the artificial "out of 10" part of the Toughness rating to cater for this type of walk, which is far longer and tougher than anything in the original Time Out books?

Anonymous said...

Both wonderful walks and a good challenging
choice for a Bank Holiday weekend if weather ok.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to do the long walk.

DAC said...

I would agree that the toughness is only a rough guide, plus with a long walk maybe up it to 10/10.

The forecast for this weekend is good, and Glynde to Seaford is one of the classic book 1 walks. The old rota had it scheduled for August. I can certainly recommend that walk (Glynde to Seaford) for anyone who does not fancy a longer walk, in which case buy a (slightly cheaper?) day return to Seaford.

Nick said...

I walked from Lewes to Seaford. Tiring but enjoyable. Presume most started from Glynde?

Thomas G said...

n=8 w=warm-and-humid-then-clear-with-a-cooling-breeze
4 women/4 men. No Englishman/woman.
All walkers stayed the course, as far as can be ascertained (three walked ahead of the main group at various points and were not seen again, all 3 though had said they wanted to walk all the way to E'bourne).
We cut out the out-and-back to the Iron Age hillfort near Lewes and simplified the route in Glynde, so probably walked 'only' 36.5 km of the 37.5 km my gpx file suggested the full route had.
Brilliant weather at the start of the walk, a little too humid for some around lunch and even with a few short attempts to break out into drizzle, but then dry with cloud cover and a friendly breeze form the front after Birling Gap.
Lunch at The George Inn in Alfriston, where - as part of the four-day village fete - we were treated to the Eastbourne & District Scottish Pipe Band marching past the pub. Later a tea stop at Birling Gap (there is now a cafe in the lighthouse east of Birling Gap as well).
The 18.58 train we narrowly missed, so the Wetherspoon's opposite gained some business. Excellent day out in pleasant company.

Thomas G said...


Anonymous said...

I am exhausted just by reading the description of the walk.

Thomas G said...

10 walkers in fact, as I've learned on wednesday's walk: one was on a later train.
7 walked lewes - eastbourne
2 walked lewes - exceat
1 walked lewes - seaford