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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sunday Second Walk - Kent coast

Extra Walk 101 – Margate to Broadstairs & Ramsgate
Length: 15.7km (9.8 miles). Toughness: 2/10

09:44 Ramsgate train from Victoria (Bromley South 10:02), arriving Margate at 11:29.

Or 10:08 Margate train from St Pancras (Stratford International 10:15), arriving Margate at 11:39.

Return trains from Ramsgate to St Pancras are at xx:05 (journey time 1 hour 16 mins).; to Victoria at xx:35 (journey time 2hrs 04 mins); to Charing Cross at xx:40 (journey time 2hrs 12 mins).

If returning from Broadstairs, trains are at xx:59 to St Pancras, xx:41 to Victoria, and 18:31 & 19:31 to Charing Cross.

It’s becoming a tradition to post this walk on the Sunday of Broadstairs Folk Week , a splendid showcase of traditional music, song and dance. After enjoying the walk and the lively festival scene on Sunday, a number of walkers sometimes stay over on Sunday night to soak up the more relaxed atmosphere on Monday, when the music-making continues in halls, marquees and pubs around the town.

Accommodation in Broadstairs itself can be hard to find, but The Comfort Inn in Ramsgate, a fairly short distance away, has been found to be a convenient choice.

For those uninterested in the festival, the walk makes a splendid swimming walk, with many sandy bays en route and a couple of interesting old town harbour areas to explore. Or you could visit Grayson Perry’s splendid ‘Provincial Punk’ exhibition (free of charge) at the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate, which the walk passes.

You can download the Walk directions (Ramsgate to Margate) and follow them in reverse, but you hardly need them, since you simply follow the coast, at beach level or clifftop level, all the way.


Anonymous said...

May well do this.
Two questions: 1. Is it more expensive travelling from St. Pancras? 2. Assuming most walkers arrive at the Folk venue sometime in the afternoon, will they catch much music or do we have to hang around waiting for it to start, by which time many may opt to catch the homeward train instead?
'North and South'

Anonymous said...

Some visited the gallery. Several were near the bandstand. Some went in the sea. Did they return? Who knows.

Anonymous said...

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