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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Midweek day walk Ham - Street to Appledore

Ham Street to Appledore

A walk full of historical interest in the low hills around Romney Marsh

Book 3* Walk 106

* Online only

Length : 18 km or 11 miles

Toughness :  3 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:37 am train from London St. Pancras (10:44 Stratford) to Ham Street changing at Ashford to Platform 1 to catch the 11:33 to Ham Street.

The HST train fares are now just shy of £20, but those of you with suitable rail cards may get a better deal on the 9:52 from Victoria.

Meeting point :  Ham Street Station at 11:41

Tickets : Buy a day return to Appledore

Brief Description

With the re-opening of the Woolpack Inn, I thought it would be a good opportunity to visit there for lunch and also enjoy a fairly flat walk to complement the Hangers romp last week.

You may find full details of the walk here and kindlers may download a mobi here

Suggested Lunch stops

The Woolpack Inn  t: 01233 732900

Suggested Tea stops

Miss Mollett's High Class Tea Room, a quintessential English tea room where, I seem to remember, not a single piece of bone china matches - open to five.
(Do allow 35-40 mins to get to Appledore station from here)


OS Explorer : 125

Return train times

Trains return from Appledore to London St. Pancras and depart at the following times :
16:05 | 17:05 | 17:40 | 18:05 | 18:40 | 19:05
Change at Ashford (20-25 min wait) - Journey time about an hour and a quarter.


Anonymous said...

Is booking necc. for Woolpack?

Anonymous said...

Will call them tomorrow. A new one for me. Looking forward to it. LM

Anonymous said...

Well done LM. I suspect walkers will arrive about twoish

Marion said...

The 10.13 train from Waterloo East is the direct train to Ham St which the Ashford fast connects with to arrive at 1141.

Sean said...

Not so, Marion. The 1010 from Charing X (1013 W/East) gets to Ashford at 1128, giving you 5 minutes to nip across to Platform 1 for the 2-coach chugger to Ham Street. I've done that a few times but the CHX train is often a few minutes late and I've been lucky to make the connection. Up to you whether you take the risk.

Anonymous said...

As always well done Sean for accurate information

Marion said...

Thanks Sean as this is my only train option from West London and I'm not prepared to travel one hour to St Pancras i'l give this one a miss and do a Ramblers walk nearer home in the Chilterns.

Anonymous said...

n=14 on this walk with weather w=mostly_sunny_with_some_high_cloud.
A slightly undulating walk with woods, meadowland and wheat fields (some being harvested) and two interesting churches. The section on the military canal was pleasant with water lilies,rushes wild fowl and swans adding interest.
Most agreed lunch at the newly re-opened Woolpack Inn was excellent and not expensive.
Five eager folk set off early after lunch with the lunchtime dawdlers following later.