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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Mid week day walk - Moreton-in-Marsh Circular

Moreton-in-Marsh Circular

Last of the Summer Wine in the Cotswolds

Book 3* Walk 115

* Online only

Length :  20 km or 12 miles

Toughness :  5 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:22 am train from London Paddington to Moreton-in-Marsh
Calling stations are:
  1. Slough:  departs 10:36
  2. Reading: departs 10:52

Meeting point : Moreton-in-Marsh Station at 11:56

Brief Description

With the nights rapidly drawing in and the scope for longer, more distant walks receding, I thought this would be a fitting jaunt as summer wanes.
As ever, you may find full details of the walk here and a Kindle download page here

Suggested Lunch stops

The Churchill Arms, Paxford GL55 6XH T:01386 594000. Nouvelle Cuisine. An early lunchtime stop  7km from the start of the walk.
The Bakers Arms, Broad Campden GL55 6UR. T:01386 840515. More traditional food. 10km from the start of the walk.
The Great Western Arms, Station Road, Blockley, GL56 9DT. T: 01386 700362 for a late lunch stop

Suggested Tea/Supper stops

There are many tea or supper stops in MiM
If I recall correctly, The Spice Room was a recommended Thai/Indian restaurant.
More eating possibilities here


OS Explorer  OL45

Return train times

Trains return from Moreton-in-Marsh at the following times ...

18:05 (A two hour journey)
19:26 (A one and a half hour journey)
20:47 (A two hour journey)
21:41 (A two hour journey)

It may be possible to shorten the 2 hour journeys by changing at Oxford or Reading - please check.


Fi said...

Would it make more sense to start an hour earlier as it is a long journey and it seems late to start walking close to midday?

Anonymous said...

No Fi, us regulars are happy with post 10 starts midweek ! price of tickets etc,.

Anonymous said...

There is a bus from Blockley, if you wish to shorten the walk by 2 miles. I think it goes about 4:16 PM. For those without free bus travel there is the Plusbus option with the train ticket.

mark said...

Hello! Will this be going ahead tomorrow? I have been thinking of heading up that way. I've followed a few of your walks but never in a group before.



Arthur Dent said...

Hi Mark, yes First Great Western willing.
If you're travelling by train, you should find us in the middle of the train. Alternatively we normally do introductions on the station platform which will be Moreton-in-Marsh just before noon

mark said...

Thanks Arthur, but I'm going to do one a little closer to home today after all - quite the distance to travel with a the large % of rain. Have a joyous time!

Thomas G said...

n=8 w=mostly-dry-with-late-showers
delayed outbound train, a fine walk, some slow service at the lunch pub in paxford, with small portions delivered in a very staggered fashion, the vanguard had only 15 mins of rain and time for a bevvie before boarding the (also delayed) 18.05 train.