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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sunday walk 2 – Etchingham to Wadhurst

Etchingham to Wadhurst SWC Walk 208
Length: 16.9km (10.5 miles)
Difficulty 5/10
This classic Wealden walk is a hilly but gentle mix of pasture and woodland, fine panoramic views across valleys, oast houses, a cobnut orchard, and the villages of Ticehurst and Wadhurst.
Optional loops take you to the edge of Bewl Water reservoir.
Get the 9:55 (Waterloo East 9:58) Hastings train from Charing Cross arriving 11:12
Trains back at xx:00 and xx:29
Get a return to Etchingham.
Lunch The earliest option is the Bell in Ticehust (01580 200234 ) – this would also tie in well with the picnic spot in the nearby churchyard. (As a sign near the pub says, “12th C church that way, 21st C dingdong this way”) Gentlemen will be intrigued by the 'facilities' in the Bell. Once seen, never forgotten.
There is another (untried) pub nearby - the Chequers.
The notes recommend a later pub, the Bull Inn in Three Legged Cross (01580 200586), 1.1km/0.7 miles further on.
You are unlikely to make Wadhurst’s teahouses before they close (if indeed they open on Sunday) but there are two pubs, The Greyhound, encountered first, being perhaps the more amenable (tea in pots) and the White Hart a little later.
Note that it's still quite a trek from Wadhurst to the station so allow 40-50 minutes for the recommended route, 25-35 mins for the roadside route.
Directions here


Anonymous said...

Two great walks on Sunday. Difficult to choose. Thank you MoonTiger. Should you not be promoted to a Saturday walk poster position?

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks Tigger. (However, any more fame and he's in danger of being stalked by that nasty dentist from Minnesota).

Anonymous said...

I always thought posting twice on a Sunday was far posher than run of the mill one on a Saturday

Mr M Tiger said...

Mr Tiger ain't afraid of no dentist. Not unless he’s near his teeth he ain’t. Grrr!

Ian T said...

N=11 walkers for this. W=very_hot_and_sunny
One or two navigational challenges. We had to enveigle our way through the maize strips at point 24. This required an element of faith, there being no visible path. It’s fairly robust stuff so no damage done. Later we encountered an overgrown oat field.
Most went to the Bell for lunch, much to the surprise of one walker who had sped ahead to the Bull in the belief he had fallen behind. The Bell have an interesting back garden and provided some fairly posh grub that seemed to go down well. Starters, though, were described as “hit and miss”. The beetroot and quinoa salad was particularly minimal. More chutzpah than quinoa.
Some got the bus after lunch. For the remainder, on return, some went to the Greyhound, others the White Hart. Some went via the reservoir, some didn’t. Some went along the road to the station, some took the back way.

Anonymous said...

N=3 Only made it 4 miles to lunch in the first pub before quitting. Our waitress had to run us to Wadhurst station, on account of the next scheduled bus being Monday morning! The food in the pub was pretty average. Still I can't criticise the service!

PeteB said...

Very hot and sunny????.Pleasantly warm and sunny I think is nearer the mark. Wadhurst church is lovely and worth a visit before the last leg along the lanes to Wadhurst station. The 2 teashops in the village are closed on Sundays but the Greyhound does a decent cup of tea for £2.

tartanrug said...

Someone didn't pay for their lunch. It was paid for by other walkers. She had Brixham Crab and a drink. Ring any bells? Please remember to pay for your food, drinks and service before leaving the pub. The Lunch Monitor.