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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sunday Second Walk - Sussex coast and sea

Extra Walk 60 – Eastbourne to East Dean
Length: 11.6km (7.2 miles) (with longer options) Toughness: 5/10

09:47 Ore train from Victoria (Clapham Junction 09:54; East Croydon 10:03) arriving at Eastbourne at 11:12.

Return trains are at xx.26 (journey 1hr 39mins) and xx:59 (1hr 27mins)

In contrast to today’s other walk, this is the one for those who like a) short walks; b) coastal walks; c) swimming walks; or d) a challenging climb. After heading west along Eastbourne’s seafront, the route follows the lower clifftop path before going steeply uphill to the Beachy Head pub for lunch. Then it’s on to Birling Gap and inland to East Dean for more refreshments at the Tiger’s Head or the Hiker’s Rest and frequent buses back to Eastbourne.

Those who’d like to stretch their legs a little more could carry on from Birling Gap along the coast over the Seven Sisters to Exceat to catch the bus back (total 9.4 miles). Or turn off at Flagstaff Point (after the third Sister) to go inland to East Dean (total 8.3 miles). Or carry on from East Dean over the downs and back to Eastbourne, making a circular walk of 11.2 miles. So there’s plenty of choice in ways to finish the walk, as the mood takes you. All of them are described in the Walk Directions

Those who fancy a swim might find it easiest to do this before leaving Eastbourne, when the tide will be halfway out, or on returning there (tide halfway in). Trying to negotiate the rocks for a swim at Birling Gap at low tide could be tricky.


Walker said...

The Eastbourne Circular option for this walk - back through the downs from East Dean to Eastbourne - now has full directions, which were added at this time last year, but have never had an SWC outing. This makes a walk of 18km/11.2 miles.

Nick said...

An excellent shortish route, but cool and wet weather meant that swimming in an uninviting sea wasn't an option for the 3 walkers (Anna, Emma & Nick). It would be great to extend the walk beyond Birling Gap on a warmer and sunnier day.

Anonymous said...

n=3 w=cool-and-wet