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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Saturday First Walk

I will be standing down shortly - I go away in September
So a new volunteer poster is needed - or volunteers: it is perfectly OK to volunteer for every other week or even one week in four.
Traditionally this slot has been chosen from Book 1 or Book 2 walks and the feeling is that it would be good to continue this.

The work involves choosing a walk - choosing a train time and posting it.
The posting team will be very happy to give the new poster/s support
To volunteer email saturdaywalkersATyahooDOTcoDOTuk (or post a comment if you have a question).

Meanwhile here is this weeks walk 
Book 1 Walk 53 Wye Circular
18 Km  (11.2 miles)
7 out of 10

map available here

Take the 09.22 from Victoria to Wye arriving at 11.09
St Pancras at 10.08 (Stratford Int 10.15) with a change at Ashford to also arrive at 11.09

at The Compasses in Sole St ( 01227700300 )
From the comments section
The menu is a mix of fairly gourmet mains at around £14-15, but also with a Ramblers Menu which includes huge doorstep sandwiches, nice soup, sausage and mash. They are very walker-friendly and urged us not to take our muddy boots off. 
I just rang and they have tables available for next Saturday for lunch

at Kings Head or Crown Coffee in Wye 
There is a new pub in Wye called the Barbers, which is a micro pub.

More info and directions here


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bridie for all your hard work posting walks.

Anonymous said...

anyone feel like getting a bit later train ?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, I am a new joiner. What does toughness 7 out of 10 mean? Is this path suitable for hiking beginners? Do we need to use both of our hands and foots on any part of the path? Thanks.

Walker said...

No, no, no, nothing like that. None of our walks require the use of hands! It just means it has a few hills. Actually I am a bit puzzled why this is a 7 out of 10. It starts on the flat, has a fairly gently graded climb up onto the downs, and then is mainly flat or undulating all morning apart from one steep-ish walk up a road to lunch. After lunch there is some ups and downs and then a descent to a valley and a finish along the bottom of that. I would say it is a very good walk for a beginner.

Anonymous said...

Yes Iwanted to get a later train but it will be very late now

Anonymous said...

Eliz parker, Sun 26 Jul 15, 17:08
Just thought that I'd let people know that there was a problem with the compass pub on this saturday's walk.the owner rang me to say that sat walkers were not welcome, as some walkers upset the staff! Not sure who.