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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Midweek day - Winchester Circular

Winchester Circular - a vist to VENTA BELGARVM

A historic Cathedral City, St Catherine's Hill and downland

Book 3* Walk 15

* Online only

Length :  16 km or 10 miles

Toughness : 4 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 10:05 am train from London Waterloo to Winchester
   (Departs 10:12 am from Clapham Junction)

Meeting point :  Winchester Station at 11:04 am

Tickets : Buy a cheap day return to Winchester

Brief Description

This walk takes in all of its major historical points of interest in the ancient city of Winchester, and some of its prettiest streets. It then carries on out along the idyllic River Itchen to St. Catherines Hill, the iron age hillfort, from where there are spectacular views of the city. From here the route crosses some typical Hampshire downland, before descending to a section of ancient watermeadows and to a newly refurbished riverside pub for lunch.

You may find full details  here and a downloadable PDF here

Suggested Lunch stops

The Bridge at Shawford tel 01962 713171.  They have been getting busy at the weekends and turning away walking groups, so please do book on the morning!

Suggested Tea stops

The recommended Tea stop is the  Winchester Cathedral Rectory however this does shut at five. It appears the Patsy Presto may have closed down, however Cafe Monde CafĂ© 22 The Square may be a suitable alternative.  Being a largish town there are plenty of Pub Choices as well. These include the Wykeham Arms and The Vine Inn.


OS Explorer Leisure : 132

Return train times

Trains return from Winchester to Waterloo very frequently, however the slightly fast ones with no changes appear to depart at :18 and :48 minutes past the hour with a journey time of just over an hour. 


ramblinros said...

Did this glorious walk again on saturday - many butterflies and chalk downland flowers - particularly noteworthy the strange brown broomrape co-existing with the purple knapweed

Superb tea with home-made cakes including gluten-free option at Church of the Cross - officially they close at 4.30, but served us a bit later than that - half an hour from there to Cathedral

ramblinros said...

Link for broomrape knapweed which might work

Anonymous said...

Planning to do this walk. Do not like walking alone.

Marion said...

Intend going as I don't use the tube

Anonymous said...

correct link ?

Colin said...

Intend going.

Marion said...

5 in walk not phased by tube strike intending to get buses home from Wayerloo. Brilliant walk around Winchester. I'm with 4 handsome men inc Thomas, Colin, Peter and Chris Lamb. We loved the walk; it's very pretty the pub was smart, fantastic service and extensive cheap food. We had tea at the St Cross hospital in the garden with ginger cake amongst the roses and free mead for Travellers "Alms". Then Evensong in the Cathedral with Anthem by Stanford and fast train back to Waterloo. Couldn't have been a nicer day with visit to the Medieval hall and Replica of King Arthur's round table a highlight in the morning. A real walk through English history. Wonderful day ending with ruins of Wolvensey Hall and the Bishops residence. Then Evensong in the Cathedral with Anthem by Stanford and fast train back to Waterloo. Couldn't have been a nicer day with visit to the Medieval hall and Replica of King Arthur's round table in the morning. A real walk through English history with lessons from Peter Conway. What a fab writer he is. Thank You Peter take a bow. Marion

Thomas G said...

n=5 w=overcast-start-with-some-drizzle-then-clearing-to-cloudy-with-sunny-spells

To add to Marion's comment: nice mixture of scenery and landscape on this walk, some fine vistas, very pleasant riverside stretches, and plenty of historic buildings and features, accompanied by lots of detailed and helpful background info in the write-up. Excellent. 18.18 train for those two that did not visit the Cathedral at the end...