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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Midweek day walk - Tisbury circular

Tisbury Circular

Alfred's Tower, Old and New Wardour Castles

Book 3 Walk 252 (leisurely variant - link below)

Length : 15 km or 9.5 miles

Toughness :  4 out of 10

Getting there : Catch the 9:20 am train from London Waterloo to Tisbury (9:27 from Clapham Junction)

Meeting point : Tisbury Station at 11:06

Tickets : Buy a Summer Promo Return Ticket from London to Salisbury (cost £20) and buy a day return from Salisbury to Tisbury (£5)
You don't need a rail card for the Promo, but some rail cards will get you a discount on the Salisbury to Tisbury extension. 

Brief Description

This is one of the shorter of Thomas's Tisbury treats and you may find full details here

Suggested Lunch stop

The Forester Inn, Lower Street, Donhead St. Andrew, Shaftesbury, Wiltshire, SP7 9EE (01747 828 038)

Suggested Tea and Dinner stops

Beatons Tearooms and Bookshop, The Square, Tisbury, Wiltshire, SP3 6JP (01747 871 819 ). Open 8.45-17.00 Mon-Fri,
The Boot Inn, High Street, Tisbury, Wiltshire, SP3 6PS (01747 870 363).Open 19.00-23.00 Food served until 21.30 evenings.

You may find others in the full details. 


OS Explorer : 118

Return train times

Trains return from Tisbury to London Waterloo at the following times ...
16:28 | 17:01 | 18:02 | 19:01 | 20:07 | 21:02


Anonymous said...

On weekdays, Network Railcards a) cannot be used before 10am, and b) have a minimum fare of £13, so cannot be used for the Salisbury-Tisbury return.

If you meetup on the train, say in the first carriage, you can get a groupsave ticket, but you'd all have to get the same train back.

PeteB said...

Well that worked ok. £20 for the return to Salisbury and then £3.50 with a senior railcard for the Salisbury to Tisbury leg.

tartanrug said...

Intend going. Have tickets.

Anonymous said...

website says that a return time must be chosen ?

Thomas G said...

no rtn train needs to be chosen. whatever box you tick, an off-peak rtn will be the outcome, enabling you to take any off-peak train with it

Anonymous said...

thanks for that Thomas

Anonymous said...

MIKE how can we send an email to you please ?

PeteB said...

8 on walk. Weather fine with some sun. This "Tisbury tiddler" proved a superb introduction to the valleys, hills, woods and interesting buildings and ruins of this scenic area which has many fine views. We enjoyed the rare sight of brown hares scampering across fields and it was noticeable that there is far less arable farming this far out of London which makes it feel much more like a country walk rather than an a walk through "agribusiness" which you sometimes experience when you are nearer the capital.
The Forester Inn was welcoming and provided delicious food and drinks with the cider proving popular. Its a bit pricey but you can get a fish sandwich with chips and peas for £7.50 which certainly fills you up for the afternoon leg.
A short and barely noticeable shower cooled us down at the start of the return trek where we had to negotiate a densely over grown section through a wood before arriving back at Tisbury around 4.30pm.
If you do not linger too long at lunch then this short walk has one overwhelming advantage over its longer and tougher bretheren: it allows you to have tea and cakes at Beatons where I enjoyed the best carrot cake I have ever had - a massive wodge of moist fruit chunks and carrot with a
mouth-watering topping! Eat your heart out National Trust! Its open every day until 5pm but will be closed if you do the longer Tisbury walks. A superb day out.
(One way to enjoy the longer Tisbury circular walks would be to base yourself in Salisbury for a few days and take the 15min train journey to Tisbury. Perhaps a future SWC adventure?)

Anonymous said...

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