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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Balcombe Circular via Ardingly Reservoir

Length: 20.2km (12.6 miles), Toughness: 8/10

Features: Ardingly Reservoir, Wakehurst Place

Trains: 10:12 from London Bridge to Balcombe arriving at 10:51. Buy a day return to Balcombe. Return trains are at xx:22 (40 minutes to LBG) until 19:22 then xx:57 (about 1h10 to LBG, change required).

Options: There are various options to reduce the walk length. Refer to the instructions for details.

Lunch: The suggested lunch stop is The Ardingly Inn (01444 892 214) in Ardingly about 10km into the walk. Food served 12:00 - 14:00.

Tea: About half-way through the afternoon section there's a cafe at Wakehurst Place. In Balcombe, The Balcombe Tea Rooms (01444 811 777) tends to close early. The Half Moon Inn also serves tea.

Directions: For more information including directions, maps, GPS etc. see SWC.22


Anonymous said...

The Half Moon also serves some cakes from the Balcombe Tea room, after the tea room has closed. In the past, they have also been ok with us buying cakes from the shop next door to have with our tea.

PeteG said...

Just checking the trains, and it seems cheaper to buy a return from London Bridge rather than a return from East Croydon (the zone 6 boundary). Odd!

Andrew said...

Thameslink-only tickets are **much** cheaper.

Mark R said...

n=10 walkers. w=Sunny-all-day. A core group of seven stayed together most of the day, with three opting for variations including one who managed to combine both the winter and summer variants of this walk. The Ardingly Inn has good variety on its menu but the quality was somewhat lacking. Tea at the Wakehurst Place cafe after having been told off (at length) for entering through the wrong door.