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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Midweek Day Walk - Witley to Haslemere

Witley to Haslemere

Gibbet Hill, Devil's Punch Bowl and Hindhead Common

Book 3* Walk 145

* Online only

Length: 16 Km or 10 miles
Toughness: 4 out of 10

Getting there: Catch the 10:15 am from London Waterloo to Witley

Meeting point: Witley Station at 11:09 am
Tickets:  Buy a Cheap Day Return to Haslemere

Brief Description:
This is a request walk by Mike whose birthday is on this very day (that should get him a drink or two!) ...
The walk is in draft format at the moment and you may find details here

Suggested Lunch stop
The Three Horse­shoes pub in Thursley (01252 703268) has an informal eating area and restaurant inside the pub plus extensive seating outdoors in the attractive beer garden.

Suggested Tea stops
Hemmingways or Darnleys in Haslemere town centre

Explorer Map 133

Return train times from Haslemere:

Trains return to London Waterloo from Haslemere and there are about four an hour. The station is 10-12 minutes from the town centre,


Anonymous said...

The directions for this walk are somewhat scant. However, be assured the poster will bring copies of a route map to ensure folks don't get lost en route.

Anonymous said...

Does this walk follow parts of book 1 walk 44 Witley to Haslemere route?

tartanrug said...

Does anyone fancy staying in Haslemere,at the end of the walk, to eat at Pizza Express to avoid hitting London at the rush hour? Pizza Express have a 30% off food offer on their website, and Vouchercloud website has a 2 for 1 Wednesday offer for Pizza Express on 17 June only, (print your own vouchers). Just a thought.

Mike said...

Yes the second half of the walk follows closely the book walk from Witley to Haslemere.


Sean said...

It's easy to get confused with all the Haslemere walks in Book 1. The second half overlaps with Walk 27 (Milford-Haslemere: same lunch pub in Thursley), although the route around the Devil's Punch Bowl is different. At the start of the walk, only the first 750m is the same as Walk 44 (Witley-Haslemere).

Paul A said...

I do quite fancy the idea of supper in Haslemere, so have printed out a pizza voucher (thank you tartanrug)! But I noticed also that it's burger night at The White Horse (burger & a drink for £9), and the burgers do look very good, so this would be a tempting alternative (details on The White Horse website).

Thomas G said...

...approximately, I hear from someone who has been on the walk