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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Saturday First Walk

Book 1 Walk 8 – Bures to Sudbury
Length: 16 km (9.9 miles), with shorter option. Toughness: 4/10
Map of the route is here
10:02 Ipswich train from Liverpool Street, calling at Stratford (10:09). Change at Marks Tey (arr 10.57 on Platform 2 , dep 11:01 from Platform 3 ) onto the Sudbury branch line, arriving Bures at 11:13.
Return trains from Sudbury are hourly at 26 minutes past, changing at Marks Tey.
Buy a return to Sudbury (Suffolk).
An easy going walk with few hills and some pleasant scenery

One of the posters may recognise the following bit of script but the say plagarism is the sincerest form of flattery so thanks Sean
If you look at the Walk Map you'll see that you have to take a dog-leg route out to the west to reach the Bulmer Fox, which describes itself as “a bistro style restaurant in a country pub setting”. According to its website this suggested lunch place doesn't take bookings, so if you decide to give it a miss I suggest taking the short cut at Great Henny church, heading north to rejoin the main route at [6]. This is definitely worth doing if you've stopped earlier at the Lamarsh Lion pub, or if you're happy to wait until you reach Sudbury for refreshment. As well as the town's pubs the comfortable Mill Hotel is recommended for its cream teas; note that it's a 20-minute walk through the town to the station.

See comments below re the alternative lunch time pub - you will find directions here


Sean said...

There's also an alternative lunch pub in Henny Street, in a dogleg off to the east from Great Henny church. This detour is only briefly described in the book but after an expedition in 2013 more detailed directions were added to the on-line version (at point 27). Perhaps someone who tried the Henny Swan pub would like to say whether they'd recommend it.

Walker said...

The Henny Street pub is very nice, with a pleasant riverside garden. You need the full online directions, though: the brief notes in the older version are not adequate, particularly when trying to get back on the main route after lunch, which has a slight twist to it. All made clear online.

Ian T said...

Sat 23 May Bures to Sudbury
n=7 on this walk. A cloudy start but turning sunny
Perfect time to do this walk. Cow parsley delineating the fields and paths. Buttercups turning meadows yellow. Speedwell speeding us. Hawthorn coming out.
At least one did the shorter walk others went via Henny Street. Some accomplished dawdling on my part meant I soon left the group well in front of me. An imaginative wrong turn and a dither added to their lead.
Henny Churchyard, where I paused for lunch, was stunning. It’s managed as a wildflower meadow. The Henny Swan was a delight too. Had I had been a little less accomplished at dawdling, I might still have found the others there. I had to nurse my Orchard Pig cider with only a surprisingly tame mayfly and an actual real swan for company.
And so on to Sudbury where the Common was awash with buttercups. Yellow all over. Dropped into the Mill House to pay my respects to the cat. Quaffed some more cider, headed for station. Met some of the others there who mentioned that the tea in the Mill House was good. All in all, a good day out.
p.s. I think the Anchor pub in Sudbury is just a pub sign now.

Marcus said...

Adding to Ian's posting, 3 of the 7 on this walk were first timers (all architects) and they seemed to enjoy their day.
The paths were very overgrown in places - oil seed rape being the main culprit - and come July, with full vegetation, several of the paths are likely to be impassable (as in previous years). But back to today, a lovely walk - and good to learn Rear Gunner made it to the finish: we must have missed him by minutes at the Henny Swan pub.