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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Saturday First Walk Mayflies on the test hopefully

19.0km (11.8 miles)

Explorers 131 & 144 or Landranger 185. 

From London Waterloo catch the 09:50 to Salisbury (leaving Woking 10:16) arriving at Whitchurch (Hants) 10:51.
Return trains from Andover are at xx:06 and xx:38 until 19:06 when they are hourly at xx:45 until 22:45

Buy a day return to Andover. 

I post this walk in the hope that the Mayfly ( ) will hatch this weekend and the trout should rise to catch them on the Test river 
It looks like the mayfly have arrived so this Saturday should be good for them
Aside from time spent on the Test there is also some wonderful scenery and villages so a treat for the eyes and quite a gentle walk.
At lunchtime the walk comes to so many thatched cottages that a visitor to this country might suppose thatch to be the most popular roofing material for English country villages.
Stocks for the punishment of offenders were erected in every village during the reign of Edward III. Those in Longparish are among the few still remaining.

Best if you phone to check that they will have room for you when you set off from the station
From the comments 

Cricketers Inn ( 01264720335 )
I recommend as an excellent pub, which good food, nice atmosphere and friendly staff. No local ale on offer though, unfortunately

Plough Inn ( 01264720358 )  lunch was very good and not horrendously expensive. The waiter/ress service was very good with free wonderful freshly baked bread rolls and a little petit fours at the end of homemade fudge for each of us.

There are a selection of tea shops in Andover. 

See here for the walk directions and more details. 

Time flies like an arrow
Fruit flies like a banana


Ian T said...

n=19 on this walk w=sunny_and_cloudy. It was summertime but the fish weren’t a-jumping. Well not much anyway. We could see them in the water but Saturday must be their day off. No mayfly boom either. (That’s probably where they get their name, may fly, may not.) In Longparish, one walker tried out the stocks. Anyone know where they keep the keys? We stopped at the second pub the Plough. I wasn’t hugely impressed with the minimal selection of beer and I’m told there were no vegetarian items on the menu. But it was pleasant sitting in the garden. Nice windows in Longparish church.
The Copper Kettle was closed when we got to Andover but there were plenty of alternatives.

Pia said...

it was a very pleasant day for a walk, sunny but with a slight breeze. We also had lunch at the Plough where they did not mind I had a picnic in their garden while looking at some fab towering burgers and fries while discussing nice caffs on the coast of the Cape Peninsula, slightly bizarre. The walk itself was disappointing in the sense that there was too much road or lane walking, quite hard on the feet/knees/legs. The views nearer to Andover became quite nice with rolling countryside after a long walk through a wood.