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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sunday Walk 1

Southbourne to Chichester, Book 1 Walk 37
11.5 miles 18.5 km.
Difficulty: 3/10

A meander along the coast of Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with some inland sections. Lunch is in Bosham, an important harbour in days gone by. Its church is depicted on the Bayeux Tapestry and bears marks where returning crusaders blunted their swords. King Canute's daughter is said to be buried there. So it's old.
Towards the end of the walk you have the opportunity to detour to the Roman remains at Fishbourne (though this closes at 5 and costs £8.80) and in Chichester you have the cathedral. It's an old one, full of old stuff. They also have a not-quite-so-old Chagall window and a Piper tapestry. Entry free, donations welcome, closes at 7pm.
Get a return to Southbourne.
Get the 9.17 Portsmouth Harbour train from Victoria. (Clapham Jct 9:23) This takes you direct to Southbourne, arriving at 11:07.
(There's also a 9:30 Portsmouth Harbour train from Waterloo, changing at Havant for the London Victoria train (arr 1052 depart 11.01), arriving Southbourne 11:08. This South West Trains journey costs a little more)
Returning from Chichester:
The xx:15 takes you direct to Victoria. The xx:27 changes at Brighton. The xx:53 changes at Barnham.
The recommended pub is the Anchor Bleu 01243 572956 in Bosham, which serves food all day on Sundays (reduced menu from 3). There are also cafes at Bosham Walk Arts and Crafts Centre 01243 572 477  and Cumberland Gallery 01243 572 960
The Old House at Home in Chidham 01243 572 475 is an earlier possibility. Open from 12.
Hadleys, 4 West St  01243 771 631 is recommended.
There is a Slug and Lettuce in South St.on the way to the station.
Directions in Book 1 or here
It is possible to finish the walk early by walking the 2 km from Bosham to Bosham station, where trains are at xx:47 changing at Barnham. Or xx:32 changing at Havant. Fishbourne is one stop down the line on the xx:47 (handy for the palace?)


Peaked Cap and Whistle said...

Advance singles are available online from Southern. These may work out cheaper for some of you but having to specify time of travel is awkward for the return leg. If you already get reductions, a cheap day return may still be best, so compare carefully.

Anonymous said...

Hello there!
I'm new and understand that these walks are self-organising. But how/where can I meet the other walkers?

Walker said...

If you can't identify them on the train, they will be obvious on the platform at the station at the start of the walk. Groups tend to be a bit bigger on Saturdays than Sundays, so if you are new to the walks and want to be sure, try one of the Saturday walks first.

Sarah H said...

N = 1 me!
Yes I was alone at Southbourne as the train pulled away. I enjoyed the walk it was beautiful weather and great scenery.

Anonymous said...

n=1 therefore, and w=beautiful