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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunday walk 1 "Ashwell at home"

Baldock Circular Extra Walk 91
17km. 10.6 miles (or 7.6 miles)
Difficulty 2/10

This "relaxing amble through flat Hertfordshire countryside“ incorporates a section of the Icknield Way, one of Britain's oldest trackways, on its way to the ancient settlement of Ashwell. The 14th century church there has the highest tower in Hertfordshire and it is adorned with medieval graffiti, some of which refers to the great plague.
Today is “Ashwell at Home" day, an annual celebration benefiting local organisations. For the full experience, visiting buildings, gardens etc. you'll need a £6 ticket but you'll still be able to look round the village and church for free. Not the tower though, that'll cost you.
Get the 09:53 Cambridge train from Kings Cross, arrives Baldock10:30
Trains return from Baldock at xx:26 and xx:50
A return to Baldock will do. A return to "Ashwell and Morden" (one stop further) costs no more and will cover both endings.
Lunch: There are three pubs in Ashwell:  the Rose and Crown, the Bushel and Strike, and the Three Tuns.
Tea: The Old White Horse near Baldock station.
Walk directions: here
 - The walk can be shortened by 3 miles to finish at "Ashwell and Morden" station  - worth bearing in mind if you get sucked into Ashwell's dizzying maelstrom of attractions.  Trains back at xx:21.
 - At point 32, the footpath may prove hard to find but, assuming the ground is firm, it is worth seeking out. The alternative, a roadside stretch, can be unpleasant if traffic is heavy. 

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