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Wednesday, 28 November 2029

Last Minute Changes / News

We usually have 1 request ("bring a copy of the route"), but now we have several rules [discuss] :
  • do not come if you (or anyone you've been in contact with) are ill
  • social distance on the train to/from the walk, during the walk, and after the walk
  • at the start, split into groups of 6 or less
  • social distance with other walkers (and inconsiderate cyclists!) you meet, by standing aside and allowing them to pass at a safe distance
  • you must share contact information so you can be traced if necessary
Walk Posters - select "revert to legacy blogger" for now (otherwise you cannot publish future dated posts).

Advance Tickets Sheffield for Ladybower Trip (see below). Snowdonia trip and travel update (see below).

Fruit ripening and the last wildflower species of the year: see Nature Blog

Note:  One of our dutiful Sunday walk posters has retired after a lengthy and much appreciated tenure.....if anyone is interested in becoming a Sunday walk poster, please let us know.....