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Sunday, 20 December 2020

Cancelled Sunday Walk - Riddlesdown to Coulsdon South

sorry, cancelled as tier4, andrew


Standard Walk: 16.8km (10.4 miles)

Shortening the walk: By using the short cut to Chaldon Church at the point indicated in the text 1.7km after the Fox pub (at point [4]), you can cut 4.3km (2.6 miles) off both the main walk and the circular option below.

Alternative circular walk from Coulsdon South: By starting at Coulsdon South, you can make the walk slightly shorter to 14.2km (8.8 miles).

Considering that it starts in the suburbs of London (and within the boundaries of London Transport Travelcard zone six), this walk passes through some remarkably unspoilt countryside. Farthing Down, Kenley Common, Riddlesdown and Cousldon Commons are all ancient grazing lands, lovingly preserved as part of the London Greenbelt, and offering a delightful series of woods and open spaces. It is a fine walk for a brisk winter's day.

Trains: There are options to travel overground from St Pancras, London Bridge and Victoria.

From Victoria, take the 9:51 East Grinstead train (CJ 9:58, E.Croydon 10:09) arriving Riddlesdown 10:17.

From St Pancras, take the 9:26 train (London Bridge 9:41) to East Croydon where you change to connect to the 10.09 to Riddlesdown.

If doing the Coulsdon circular, take the 10:11 St Pancras train (10:26 London Bridge) get to Coulsdon South at 10:50. The 10:15 from Victoria (change E Croydon for 10:41 Three Bridges Train) also gets there at 10:50.

Return trains from Coulsdon South xx:09, xx:39 to St Pancras, xx:20 to Victoria

Both stations are in zone 6 so a travelcard may be the best option

On arrival, set off in small groups (no more than six), allowing gaps between each departure. You will be asked to provide your email address for contact tracing purposes. Exchange contact details with those in your group. In the event that you develop COVID symptoms in the week following the walk, please email/text the people you walked with and email  Your contact details will not be shared with anyone.

Lunch: The Fox pub is closed so best to bring a packed lunch and any other refreshments you might need.



Anonymous said...

If you live in London is a 'local walk' anywhere in Greater London? Thanks.

Sean said...

That's a good question. There's lots of guidance about travelling to or from "your area" but I can't find anything on or elsewhere defining what "your area" means. Is it your London borough? the whole of London? any neighbouring area in Tier 4? I can't believe it's meant to be deliberately ambiguous so has anyone found a clear definition?

Andrew said...

You may leave you house to walk locally, "meaning avoiding travelling outside of your village, town or the part of a city where you live".

Anonymous said...

Source for that last clarification, please. Thank you.

Andrew said...

the tier 4 rules on

Sean said...

I think this clarification of "local area" has been added very recently; it's also in the sections for Tiers 1/2/3. I sent off some emails about this at the end of last week and I'm sure I wasn't the only person asking for clarity. Even on Sunday night a Sky News reporter was misleadingly telling people in Tier 4 that they shouldn't travel outside their "region" (the whole of Tier 4 in the south-east) rather than their local "area".

Brian said...

The legislation has now been published: The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (All Tiers and Obligations of Undertakings) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2020

There is only one Tier 4 area (defined by reference to the various county, district and London Borough councils.)

The legislation begins with the basic premise contained in the original lockdown legislation of March 2020, i.e. "No person who lives in the Tier 4 area may leave or be outside of the place where they are living without reasonable excuse."

There are 16 possible exceptions to this rule (the list is not exhaustive) one of which is that " it is reasonably necessary for P (the person concerned) to leave or be outside P’s home—" ........

"to take exercise outside—
......... (irrelevant parts omitted)
(iii)in a public outdoor place, with one other person who is not a member of their household, their linked household or their linked childcare household

The word "travel" does not appear anywhere in the legislation, and there is no mention of "avoiding travelling outside of your village, town or the part of a city where you live."

The website currently states "You must stay at home and not leave your Tier 4 area, other than for legally permitted reasons" but this seems to refer to the 16 exceptions noted above. So leaving the Tier 4 area is permissible in those cases. (There is no YOUR Tier 4 area - it's all one area)

However, as another poster said recently "Our emphasis should be about minimising risk of spreading, not what we can get away with."

Daisy Roots said...

"Our emphasis should be about minimising risk of spreading, not what we can get away with."

I completely agree with this.

Prof. Chris Whitty made the same point this week.

I think there are concerns that the new variant is both more infectious and has taken steps towards vaccine escape so it's very important to minimise spread.