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Sunday, 8 November 2020

[cancelled] Sunday Walk - Moved forward to Tuesday due to nationwide lockdown (Over the South Downs to the Sea: Lewes to Seaford or Bishopstone via West Firle)

Length: 23.7 km/14.7 mi [shorter options available, see below]
Ascent/Descent: 544/545m
Net Walking Time: ca. 5 ¾ hours 
Toughness: 8 out of 10 
Take the 09.45  Ore train from Victoria (Clapham 09.52, EC 10.02), arrives Lewes at 11.03. 
From Thameslink stations take the Brighton train calling LBG at 09.37 and change at Gatwick Airport (10.16/10.28). 
Return trains  are on xx.31 and xx.59. Buy a Seaford (Sussex) return.
From Lewes, the route takes a variation of the familiar south easterly route out of Lewes: cross the River Ouse in the town centre and climb a lane to a golf club car-park. You then follow a circular ridge route, with glorious views throughout followed by a long descent into Glynde. From Glynde station, go through the village to cross over the A24 and pass Preston Court Farm. You go through the entrance to Firle Park, cross a field and enter the village of West Firle for lunch and drinks at the Ram Inn.
Continue through West Firle to start a long climb up to a spot near Firle Beacon. Head westerly to the transmission masts on Beddingham Hill and descend with glorious views to the seafront promenade in Bishopstone and on along the coast to Seaford. 
You have four options for shortening the walk:
Lewes to Seaford omitting West Firle 18.6 km (11.6 m);
Glynde to Seaford via West Firle 16.8km (10.5m);
Glynde to Seaford omitting West Firle 12.5km (7.8m);
finish at Bishopstone station (cuts 2.0 km). 
Lunch: The Ram Inn  in West Firle  (9.0 km/5.6 mi, food to 15.00, bar menu all day). 
Tea: Plenty of choice in Seaford, the walk author recommends Salts Café. 
For  walk directions, maps, height profiles, photos and gpx/kml files click here. T=swc.181


Brian said...

The Trevor Arms in Glynde closed in January 2017. The Ram in Firle is the first (and only) available lunchtime pub.

Thomas G said...

as per the walk post...

Brian said...

Indeed. I was referring to the walk directions, which refer to the Trevor Arms and need updating!

Thomas G said...

not my walk though...

juliecanblog27 said...

Hi I'm an accredited walk leader with south bank group. Just checking in about this. Due to it getting dark around 5pm is this going to be a full 14.7 miles, for those who can endure it?
It is giving a lot of options but what is the leader doing on this day? 10 miles would be enough for me but would want someone else to be doing same.
can you let me know thanks.

Thomas G said...

Hi Julie,

as a Ramblers leader you will be aware that the SWC follows a different concept: we don't have leaders, or - more precisely - every walker is their own leader. That is why our walk directions and routes are freely downloadable. In practice this means that usually several of the possible options of a walk route will get walked by one or other of the group. Personally, I will usually walk the full walk.

This will take 5 3/4 hours as per Naismith's Formula, so with an 11 o'clock start there is just enough time for this and a very short lunch stop (darkness on the day will be around 16.50 hours). As the last 2 km are along the seafront promenade, this should not be a problem. With a full one hour pub lunch of course, also parts of the descent to the coast will be in the gloom.

As an aside, most walkers turning up for 20+ km walks in November are walking faster than what Naismith's assumes, so there shouldn't be a problem. And there are shortcuts possible for walkers with appetite for a more gentle pace. But, as we always say: in autumn and winter, please bring a headtorch on any walk...