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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Back by Demand Evening Walk: From Crime Scene to Prison (Westminster to the Tower)

Remember remember the 5th of November(almost): A Guy Fawkes Special Thames Path Walk

Start:     6:30 PM Vauxhall Tube Station

Finish:    Tower Bridge or London Bridge

Distance:    About 6.5 km/4.0 miles

Following on from our successful summer season and some further requests for evening walks...this is a short Thames Path walk through Central London (hopefully much quieter than usual)....Passing by the main events associated with Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot.

This will be "map-led" though a map is not really required. From the Vauxhall Tube Station we will follow the South Bank Thames Path eastwards (i.e. river on your left) to the Millennium Bridge where we will cross and turn right to follow the North Bank Thames Path to the Tower.....

I imagine that we will find some outdoor refreshment spots along the way and the Vinegar Yard near London Bridge offers covered and heated outdoor refreshments towards the end...

1 comment:

Stargazer said...

11 managed to congregate at the sprawling Vauxhall transportation hub and made our way to the river to begin our exploration of some of the main sites associated with Guy Fawkes (a night early due to lockdown 2.0). Early on three more joined the group, making for a total of n=14 on this relaxed evening saunter along the Thames through central London punctuated with various interesting and iconic pieces of history.

There were plenty of people about through the South Bank....almost an air or normalcy....only to become a shattered dream of course on Thursday morning....Fearing that the original destination of the Vinegar Yard would be too crowded, we opted to revisit the Dickens Inn at St. Katherine's Dock which from past experience we knew had loads of outdoor tables....certainly enough for three groups...Although drinks were a plenty, the food category on their app was suspiciously absent....with a "last chance" category offering just various crisps....

I think each of the subgroups enjoyed a nice final evening walk (for a spell) under w=clear-skies-with-fine-views-of-the-moon-and-Mars.