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Thursday, 22 October 2020

Last of the Summer Evening Walks - Thames Path: Canary Wharf to Tower Hill or Cannon Street (map-led)

In reverse, to have dinner options at St. Katherine Dock: Docklands via Limehouse and Wapping to the City
Note: London is now a Tier 2 Area: no mixed households indoors.

Length: 5.7 km (Tower Hill finish) or 7.1 km (Cannon Street finish)
Ascent/Descent: negligible
Net Walking Time: ca. 1 ¼ hours or 1 ½ hour
Toughness: 1 out of 10 
Meet at 18.30  hours outside Canary Wharf Underground Station’s westerly exit (signed for Bank Street and Heron Quays & Canary Wharf DLR Stations), at street level!
Here’s the blurb for the original walk in easterly direction:
“An easy amble following the Thames Path between Cannon Street and Canary Wharf, passing through historic Wapping. Along the way, the route passes three historic pubs – two of which claim to be the oldest riverside pub in London – you decide which has the best claim. Instructions are hardly required for this route – simply keep the river to your right – though occasionally the Thames Path leaves the riverside….” 
Dropout: Wapping Overground (3.5 km) 
For  walk directions, maps, height profiles, photos and gpx/kml files click here. T=short.28.a


Stargazer said...

One minor correction...if walking the route in reverse as will need to keep the river on your left.....

Thomas G said...

We were 6 walkers already when a 7th appeared just before the meeting time, so 6 of those set off early, leaving the walk poster waiting for any potential late arrivals. And indeed 5 others trickled in from pubs, alternative exits to the tube station and off a late DLR train, so we formed a second group of 6: n=12 in total.
It was w=warm for the time of year and the sky quite clear so that star and moongazers had something to look at, while the rest of us enjoyed the bright lights of the City and of Canary Wharf. Personally, I thought it is an even better walk in the dark than during the day...
Some of the private paths fronting residential developments are of course locked off after dusk (mostly in Wapping), so there is a downside, but that way one can see more of the warehouse developments etc. Not bad at all.
The first group did enter the Prospect of Whitby en route for a drink break, while my group marched on to the Dickens Inn at St Katherine Dock, with their many outside tables, one of which was then later occupied by group 1, so all 12 were in the one place (if at distance). Most stayed to closing time.