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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Wednesday Walk Bow Brickhill to Woburn Sands - Back Wood, Woburn, Woburn Park, Woburn Safari Park, Aspley Guise and Woburn Sands

Book 1, Walk 17 - Bow Brickhill to Woburn Sands

Length: 18.7 km (11.6 miles)
Toughness: 6 out of 10

London Euston: 10-15 hrs    West Midlands Trains service to Birmingham New Street
Arrive Bletchley: 10-49 hrs   Change
Leave Bletchley on Bus:  11-01 hrs
Arrive Bow Brickhill railway station:  11-10 hrs


1) 15-42 train from Woburn Sands to Bletchley, then train to Euston:
2) 17-27 hrs train from Woburn Sands to Bletchley, then train to Euston: 
3) 18-59 bus from Woburn Sands to Bletchley, then train to Euston:
4) 16-11 hrs train from Woburn Sands to Bedford, then train to St Pancras.

The best of the above is probably 2), leaving time for refreshments in Woburn Sands.

Rail ticket:   buy a day return to Woburn Sands

Covid-19 Compliance: [until 19 July 2021] please note the current guidance on this website and observe social distancing. You should all come prepared to exchange contact details for track and trace purpose. You can either pre-register for this walk (not essential ) by e-mailing me at  or, if you prefer, please write your name, e-mail address and contact 'phone number on a small piece of paper for handing to me on the train or when we assemble at walk start. Thank you.  

We usually avoid walks with replacement bus services, but as the bus journeys today are short in time we will make an exception and put up with this minor inconvenience today.

There are a number of highlights on this enjoyable walk once we get through Back Wood, which can be muddy at any time of the year. After walking alongside Woburn Golf course we head over fields to the picturesque town of Woburn, where we stop for lunch at  one of its pubs or tea rooms (see the Walk Directions).  I usually stop at the good value Bell Inn on Bedford Street. 

Then it's on through the vast grassy expanses of Woburn Park with its herds of deer. We eventually drop down to the entrance to Woburn Safari Park, where we join a public footpath which takes us cleverly along the edge of the Safari Park, usually allowing its residents - which include zebras, buck, bison, elephants, giraffes,  rhino and wallabies - a chance to check out and observe human visitors.  After the wallabies section the public footpath heads past a Go Ape Adventure Centre to exit the grounds of Woburn Park at a main road. We then head up a road to the village of Aspley Guise before continuing on to Woburn Sands. The pub next door to the railway station, or the Costa Coffee shop next door, serve as very acceptable refreshments stops before we board a train (or bus) back to Bletchley, to connect to a main line service to Euston.

This walk is especially recommended for those who haven't tried it before - and for the rest of us it is always enjoyable walking alongside the Safari Park.

Wall Directions are here:  L=1.17

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